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Our Partners in Crime 

Is your business also centred on the values of accessibility and inclusivity with regards to sustainability?

We would love to hear from you!



Foodsteps was founded in 2018 by a group of food sustainability scientists studying at the University of Cambridge with experience working within the catering industry. It aims to apply leading research on food sustainability directly to cafeterias and restaurants. Foodsteps strives to provide comprehensive carbon labelling to help ​ food businesses achieve environmental excellence.


Scoop UK aims to ensure that sustainable living comes at no extra cost, while Foodsteps aims to improve access to information that will empower food businesses and consumers to make sustainable choices.

Louder than the storm

Louder Than the Storm is an environmental movement founded by Scoop founder George Jeffreys dedicated to inspiring people to act against the Climate Crisis through creativity and positive thinking to encourage a connection with the Earth, empower people to act against the Climate Crisis, and inspire hope of a better future.

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Horizon is the leading recycling app in the UK, with over 14,000 users helping each other reduce their waste. 


The platform allows communities to crowd-source packaging information on thousands of products so that everybody can get accurate, location-specific recycling instructions simply by scanning a barcode.


Since its launch during lockdown, Horizon users have tracked the disposal of over 20,000 products, working with local retailers across the country to help them incentivise their customers to reuse and recycle whilst also tracking the carbon savings of introducing these changes, which means everybody benefits from reducing waste.

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