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Get involved with SCOOP

Be the change you want to see

There are lots of ways to get involved with SCOOP : 



Volunteer to help run one of the SCOOP pop-up shops at your uni.

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Start a SCOOP team

Bring SCOOP to your uni by starting your own pop-up. With support from SCOOP UK it's easy to start a sustainable movement at your uni.

Spread our message

Read the blog, engage with our ideas and share with others. Movements grow through people and we need you.

Get on board

What's the best way to fight our plastic problem? Stop using plastic. 

We all want to live in a more sustainable, less-polluted world but it can seem so difficult to find ways to live a sustainable lifestyle. We get it, we've felt it too.


That's why Scoop is making zero-waste shopping easy and accessible for students at university and the best thing you can do to combat our plastic problem is to shop at Scoop, refuse plastic bags and packaging and encourage friends to do the same.

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Get vocal

Your actions and choices have impact beyond the amount of plastic you reduce. When you choose to shop at Scoop, you send a message to people around you : I believe in a sustainable future and I am acting in line with my beliefs.

It's a powerful message and one that we need to spread if we are to build a sustainable future. Talk to people about your choices, influence your friends, read the Scoop blog and join our community sharing ideas and discussing sustainable living.

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Get political

Every action, no matter how small, is significant.

But the actions of big businesses and governments are even more so. If we are to really tackle our pollution problem, change needs to come from the top down and the bottom up at the same time.


Governments need to enact strong legislation against excessive plastic packaging. Supermarkets need to open or expand their zero-waste offerings. We need to demand change.

As a community of students, Scoop is committed to lobbying government and big businesses into making these changes. If you believe what we believe, join us and help us make change happen.

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