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a collective of student-led zero waste shops and sustainable living groups at university.

Lead the way to more sustainable, low-waste living through student-run groups and zero-waste shops.

Sustainable living tips written by students for students and a forum for ideas.

Join the movement by volunteering at SCOOP at your uni or setting up your own SCOOP.



a legacy of 18 months of community.

Your actions are a statement

There's a lot of talk about reducing single-use plastic but not as much action. We're a group of students committed to turning intention into action in our own lives and making low-waste living a viable alternative for students around the country.

Find SCOOP at your uni


The Cambridge team run a bi-weekly pop-up SCOOP in different colleges. Keep up with us on Facebook to find out where we'll be!

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SCOOP Leeds is soon to open! If you're at Leeds and would like to get involved, the Leeds team would love to hear from you!

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The Durham team have a SCOOP shop in Durham Riverwalk in the centre of Durham. Open Wednesday and Saturday from 12-5pm. 

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Duke (US)

The Duke team run a weekly pop-up SCOOP stand every Thursday (12-5pm) in different pop-up locations across the Duke University campus. 

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SCOOP UCL is soon to open! If you're at UCL and would like to get involved, the UCL team would love to hear from you!

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Be the Change.


Join Us

Bring SCOOP to your uni. Be part of the national movement of students living sustainably.

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